Development of an assessing grid of organizational performance in the associative network of african athletics


  • Victor SAÏDOU
  • Michaël Frank MBIDA NANA
  • Jean Louis DJOUBEROU



Organizational performance, Assessment grid, validity, fidelity, accessibility, African athletics


This article develops an assessing grid to evaluate organizational performance within the associative network of African athletics. Factorial analysis into principal components helped to identify local builds of performance of federations, regional associations, training and forming centres. A heap of these local builds of performance includes 3 levels and 5 axes of performance. A measurement system that builds on the performance of entities developed by the EOCGRAI method was materialised in the assessing grid. The metrological validity (construct, content, criterion and fidelity), managerial (help for assessment and decision-making) and a field of perspective (accessibility) were tested on a sample of 25 activity reports produced by five regional associations from 2009 to 2013. Analysis shows that the items of the assessing grid are homogeneous (0, 5 ≤ α (Cronbach) ≤ 0,916). The results of the ratings criterion of activities and the scores are both coincident (R (Spearman) = 0, 90; p = 0,037) positively and significantly correlated (r (Pearson) = 0, 92; p = 0,026) and equivalents (60% level of agreement). Successful entities suspected on the basis of the criterion ratings have higher scores (ANOVA (current effect): F (4, 16) = 18.516, p = 0.00001, with a 95% confidence interval). The developed assessing grid helps to quantify, to represent the activity of a network entity and to complete the internal structure of existing activity reports. It therefore has a good potential of validity, fidelity and accessibility. It constitutes thus, a tangible support and objective evaluation, and so its usefulness and relevance for the management of organizational performance in this network.




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SAÏDOU, V. ., MBIDA NANA , M. F. ., & DJOUBEROU , J. L. . (2022). Development of an assessing grid of organizational performance in the associative network of african athletics. International Journal of Strategic Management and Economic Studies (IJSMES), 1(1), 143–157.